We currently have a total of 28 books and pamphlets to lend out to members and I’ve set out a brief description of each of them.  The library also holds newsletters from a couple of other ME groups along with several editions of the InterAction magazine by Action For ME and the ME Research UK magazine, Breakthrough.  If you can find the energy to read, you never know what hints, tips and insights you may come across.  Please let us know if you come across a good book or pamphlet and we will see if we can source a copy.  As well as the books being available through the post, they will be at each of the meetings at The Redmond Centre. Happy Christmas & Best Wishes for the New Year.


  Library Book Loan Request


Pamphlets and short books


Pacing for People with ME - a very good guide issued by Action For ME

CFS/ME Your Questions Answered – the 1998 & 2001 editions

ME in the 21st Century – a leaflet by Alex Howard who set up the Optimum Health Clinic

Easy Going Trails by Sheffield City Council describing easy access local footpaths


There are several books covering nutrition


The Complete Guide to Food Allergy and Intolerance,

Candida Albicans

Optimum Nutrition


There are some very good books dealing with almost every aspect of CFS/ME,

with practical advice from managing symptoms to claiming benefits.


Dr. Charles Shepherd – Living with ME

Dr. Anne Macintyre – ME-Post Viral Syndrome, How To Live With It 

Janet Hurrell – A Helping hand through ME

Dr. M. Midgley – A Life Worth Living, A Practical Guide to Living with ME

Drs. Dawes & Downing – Why ME? A Guide To Combating Post Viral Illness

Dr A Melvin Ramsay’s book, ME & Post Viral Fatigue States, charts and discusses outbreaks of illness around the world from the 1900’s, which are now believed to have been ME.

The Perrin Technique looks at the illness from the point of view of an Osteopath and we have one Yoga book, Beat Fatigue With Yoga.


There are also a range of books, not all specifically aimed at people with CFS/ME,

but which give an insight into alternative ways of looking at illness.


ME/CFS & The Healer Within

The Final Surrender-A Journey To Wellness

Boundless Energy

A Better Recovery From Viral Illness

Unwind, Understand & Control Life Better

The Alchemy of Illness

From Fatigued To Fantastic

The Natural Way-CFS


Zoe’s Win tells the story of a child’s experience of ME and is also a guide for Children and Parents/Carers of Children with ME.


Alex Howard’s personal story of his battle with the illness is called Why ME?  

A Last Goodbye is Kay Gilderdale’s story about her daughter Lynn who s